It is so hard to find the best of the best in every single City that I visit

It is so hard to find the best of the best in every single City that I visit. This does not make me anxious but it excites me, actually, I feel that I may stumble into most amazing experience that I never would have expected to happen every single place I get to go. Maybe that’s ambitious, or overly optimistic, because it could lead me to some bad experiences as well. But when I book myself for 18 holes When I visit a new city,

I take this very seriously. Recently I stumbled onto an incredible Raleigh Golf Course, and it made me feel like I should start researching before I do anything anywhere I go. Sometimes I have had horrible meals while traveling in a new city. I remember once having subpar spaghetti in New York City. I told her friend later that night where I’d gone and how poor my experience was. My friend simply laughed at me, the way that friends do, and he told me ” I would have never suggested that you go there!!!”  he told me about all the amazing spaghetti places in New York City, and that I had actually somehow, through channeling all of my bad luck, apparently, going to one of the worst restaurants in the entirety of the New York City area! Still, I didn’t learn my lesson. This was in the time before the internet was here to guide us through every step of the way. Now, I find that it is much easier and more convenient to have a great experience wherever I go, but I still don’t know we utilize the tool because I like to have a sense of spontaneity and randomness. I must admit, having this great experience at the golf course in North Carolina, was somehow more impactful than my bad experiences. It turns out that golf course with the most highly ranked and reviewed Golf Course in the entire city of Raleigh. Had I randomly chosen a different golf course, I would have had a much worse experience. This has redefined the way that I will travel… Sure, I’ll still keep an element of randomness, but there is no use in being so stubborn that you end up eating the worst spaghetti in all of New York City.


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