Love through the senses

Love through the senses

When you get astonished not long after you set your eyes on love pictures, you realize how this strong feeling of affection can penetrate your senses. In this case, you are using your sense of sight. Did you know that vision is our dominant sense? It is known that seventy percent of all sensory receptors we utilize are in the eyes.
In spite of this predominance, we will explore how the feeling of love can infiltrate to our minds throughout the senses.

Hear the love

Apart from the sense of sight, another sensory function we use a lot is the sense of hearing. It has been proven that when someone loses his or her vision, the ability to hear gets boosted in order to compensate the loss.
Love leaks through our ears every time we hear a love song. This love song may remind us of a person we loved or we still have feelings for, regardless of the actual situation of the relationship. Everyone knows how powerful it is to have goose bumps after hearing our favorite song. Now imagine the music piece you are hearing is not only the song of your choice because it sounds amazing to you, but also, it makes you imagine wonderful moments with your special one.

Smell the love

The action of “smelling the love” may sound a bit awkward because feelings are not known for their susceptibility of being smelled. However, each time you get one step closer to your boyfriend or girlfriend and get a whiff of his or her perfume, you are taking a piece of them. Consequently, you will remember them when you perceive that smell in the air from that moment on. That might be one of the reasons perfumes are sold to a large extent in all places.

See the love

Last, but not less important, is the sense of sight; we will recap what we have mentioned above about it. Even though love can also be perceived by means of the other senses, we have yet pointed out how important this sense is and how satisfying it is to contemplate love in the form of images. As a result, people like to see couples kissing, hugging and looking at each other tenderly. Fortunately, everyone who likes to feel less lonely or to remember how fulfilling love feels have access to adorable love pictures on the internet.


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