What is App Store Ranking?

What is App Store Ranking?

Wondering what App Store Rankings are? Let us break it down for you. App Store is the go-to source of smartphone users to fulfill all their app needs. Whether it is a paid app or one that is completely free, both of them hold an equally important place for the users and the app store managers. Thus, have you ever wondered why the best apps ever are usually listed on the top and easily accessed as soon as you open up the app store. On a platform that is incredibly popular and has become the go-to source for new apps in the recent years, it is no coincidence that the best apps are ranked first. Here is where your new best friend, app store ranking comes into play.


What is App Store Rankings?

App Store Rankings is a categorization of apps based on their performance. It depends on your application’s performance, usability, and popularity. App Store has created categories for applications according to their theme, and the best ones among them are showcased on earlier pages.

The ranking method of apps on App Store is pretty much similar to the ranking of web pages. Since app store contains a huge variety of applications, choosing the one that you need at the moment could prove to be quite difficult if there was no ranking system. The App Store ranking helps you to download the app which suits your needs.

Like other search engines App Store also has few methods that decide the ranking of an application. Just like search engine uses SEO to optimize the websites, App Store uses ASO to optimize the applications. App Store Optimization is a method that optimizes the applications to increase their ranking in the search result. Unless the application is on the top of search result making it successful is very difficult. If you have higher App Store Rankings, the potential number of new customers also increases.

How It Helps Your Application?

Having higher ranking for your app will make it more popular. This will also offer you a great customer base. The higher ranking will bring more traffic to your application. With more traffic, more users will be attracted to your application, and you will get more downloads for your application. Thus, you will not only be able to reach a wider audience but also make sure that your app shines.


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